About this virtual exhibition

In the words of Alexander Nachkebiya, exhibition curator: "Banksy acquired a status of a phenomenon and is one of the most brilliant and important artists of our time. His work is a challenge to the system, it is a protest, a disobedience to law, a mistery, and a very well-built global brand…

We want each visitor of this exhibition to be able to decide for themselves who Banksy is: a genius or a vandal? An artist or an entrepreneur? A provocateur or a rebel? Our exhibition has an objective, to show the depth of Banksy’s talent, his multiple layers and dimensions so that visitors think and decide. His work always current and complete, dives into our soul. I assume that for all these reasons that I consider him a genius”.

This exhibition, as all that have previously been dedicated to Banksy, is not authorized by the artist, that continues to pursuit his anonymity and his independence from the system.

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